Circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 5

The next morning we are woken up by the sunshine. It is nice outside. Since personal hygiene should not be neglected while traveling, the day is ideally suited for this. With a folding tub you can not only cultivate yourself well, but it offers a mobile alternative to the washing machine. If then also the sun shines, the laundry dries all the more quickly. For this we have attached a small clothesline to the rooftop tent. We have a relaxed breakfast and continue on our way.
We drive and drive and notice that we are no longer in the coastal area. The plan was to drive along the coast, because the landscape is more diverse. We have to realize, we took a wrong turn. So we drive back about 20 km to continue along the coast. Sure, that’s a few kilometers, but it’s worth it. The landscape of Norway is especially beautiful in the coastal area and in the mountains. And honestly, how often are you in Norway. You can also drive a few kilometers more.
We drive quite a distance until we discover a great stopping place near Luroy. The weather is good to us. We get table and bench from the car and can enjoy the evening very nicely.
Now it is clearly noticed that the days are longer in the warmer half of the year in the north. The sun still shows its bright side at 11 pm. When we go to sleep, we pull the windows of the rooftop tent closed to darken it a bit and create a day-night rhythm. The place has a very nice view of the water and the mountains lying in it. We are not the only ones who feel this way and spend the night at this place with three caravans and another car.

Baltic Sea Circumnavigation ©Christian Hein
Baltic Sea Circumnavigation ©Christian Hein

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