Many people are dreaming of trying something new,
broadening their horizons and evolving.
We at Explore Borders are committed to helping you with this process.

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It’s about dreaming. With our travelogues, we want to take you to distant countries, to foreign cultures and to the wild beauty of our nature to make you want to experience the world out there.

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The enthusiastic dream loses substance when it stays a dream. Even if it sounds unromantic – on the way to action, it also needs knowledge and facts. In addition, we provide detailed GPS data, altitude profiles and overview maps for all tour reports. This makes it easier to realize the tours themselves and gives an insight into the character of each project.

How to deal with fear a matter of fear and trust


It takes motivation to explore and expand your own boundaries. Especially when challenges get in the way, it is fundamental to know why you are doing it. With our articles, we want to encourage and help keep the goal in mind or to stay motivated.


Christian Hein

When Christian is not sitting in front of his computer to develop visual effects for motion pictures, or working as a technical director on a film set, he’s traveling in the outdoors. Technology and nature? “An optimal combination!” thinks the photographer and passionate adventurer. Since the age of 16, he has dedicated himself to outdoor sports and is on the move all over the world – Be it with the kayak, the harness or on foot. He captures his experiences in image and film.

Antonia Klieme

As a German teacher, Antonia finds the right words for exciting and readable contributions. She developed her interest in outdoor activities and natural travel in 2014, during one of her first climbing tours with Christian and as part of her work in an outdoor store. For a long time the two went on most of the tours together.

Jarno Hein

He is a good friend, Christian’s brother and a passionate outdoor enthusiast. Be it climbing, ski touring or hiking: Jarno likes it all – which is why we are doing some trips together from time to time like the one in Saxon Switzerland or Kungsleden. As a passionate photographer, he not only supports us in the fight against typos and misplaced commas but also contributes a variety of stunning photos.

Christin Pfefferkorn

Christin studied social pedagogy and health management. With her knowledge, she can act as a team builder and analyze emotional reactions. As a health manager, she knows which exercises she can use to prepare well for the next outdoor activities. She is not only interested in sharing her knowledge with others, but also in expanding her own limits. With her knowledge, she supports the team in writing articles and in future projects.

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