Circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 14

It is Sunday and neither the parliament nor the reindeer farm are open to guests, so we take it easy for the day. We sleep in and are awakened only by the warm rays of the sun.
The time shall not be unused. The clothes that got wet from the rain can dry very well in the sun. We put up table and bench and set up technically. We work up the last days a bit and write down important information for us.
In the evening we drive back to Inari so that the drive to the reindeer farm the next morning is short. We park in a small forest by a lake. The sun shines beautifully over the water. You can enjoy the nature – except for the mosquitoes.Everyone who travels to Finland is advised to take an anti-mosquito spray with you! They are annoying and go directly onto man and woman.
Even though the little animals are buzzing around us, we don’t let them stop us from using our car kitchen to prepare a delicious dinner and let the warming sunbeams work their magic on us.

Our camp in Finnland ©Christian Hein
Our camp in Finnland ©Christian Hein

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