Corsica: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

We start our trip to Corsica on Friday. While Christian uses the morning to run a few errands and load the car, I had to work until the afternoon. The end of the working day marks the beginning of the holiday. We pack up the necessary things relatively quickly and leave for the south in the evening.
Since the ferry is not booked until Sunday, we can relax. By car, we cover a distance below Munich. In the area around Rosenheim we look for a place to sleep by the river Inn.

Kungsleden: Trekking Winter (Travel Journal)

8 pm Airport Tegel

The first part of on our way to Sweden is done: we are on the train to Berlin central station. Ok… we accidentally took the wrong bus so we drove all the way through Berlin in the wrong direction. But anyway we made it finally.

Chimborazo National Park: Trekking Summer (Travel Journal)

We take the bus from Guayaquil to Guaranda, our starting point. The drive takes about 4 hours. Already 1 hour after departure I need a toilet. I go to the driver. He doesn´t speak any English or German…I start a very emotional spectacle to show him how urgent it is.