Circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 4

After a windy night, it rains the next morning and it is a bit uncomfortable.
We set off for Carglass. Thanks to numerous phone calls it worked great with an appointment at Carglass Steinkjer.
When we arrive there, we realize that we are not the only Germans in Norway. The license plate gives away, from which region of which country one comes. We are approached by a woman from Germany, who emigrated with her former work colleague and current husband 8 years ago. It is a nice talk and you can see how easy it is to get into conversation.
It’s Edgar’s turn to get a new windshield. The work process is not done in 10 min. The 3 h it is supposed to take doesn’t seem long to me either. I assumed that we will have to stretch our feet a bit. But the staff is kind enough to provide us with a van. So we can drive around a bit and explore the area.
Our thought was to find a nice place to let the drone fly. Nothing came of it. It started to rain heavily. We decide to change our minds and sit in the back of the van. There we work up some informations and photos. This will be a good use of the time.
After 3 h, we pick Edgar up again. Freshly cleaned and with a brand new windshield, we pick him up, thank the employees very much and drive on.
Near Mosjoen we park directly at the water. It has already become evening, but still daylight. The rain has disappeared and the sun comes out and there are pleasant temperatures. It is a good moment to take a few pictures. We enjoy being out in the fresh air and nature, surrounded by water and mountains.
What makes our traveling very cool is a kitchen in the trunk of the car. It is unproblematic to prepare a hot meal. In the car kitchen there is a place for cooking, a sink and a fridge-freezer combination. This evening we have spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce nicely arranged. So much for traveling minimalist…

Sunset and the Mountains ©Christian Hein
Sunset and the Mountains ©Christian Hein

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