The German​ Alpine Club​ (DAV)

The German Alpine club is the largest mountaineering club in the world.
It has 354 independent sections with a total of 1,131,658 members. In addition to the core activities of the association (mountain sports, mountaineering and alpinism), the protection of nature is an important focus.

Why it makes sense to be a member

  • safety
    • With the alpine safety service (ASS) worldwide insurance cover for all mountain sports
    • Up-to-date information on safety in mountain sports, prepared by DAV safety research

  • information
    • Free or discounted access to maps, guides and books in the DAV libraries
    • Six times a year the Mountaineer magazine DAV Panorama free of charge

  • equipment
    • borrow some equipment cheap for your next tour

  • huts
    • Cheaper overnight stay at more than 2,000 Alpine club huts
    • Exclusive access to self-catering huts
    • Mountaineering food and beverages at discounted prices

  • mountain sports
    • learn everything important around the mountain sports in training courses
    • Attractive tour programs of the sections under qualified management
    • Tour partners and like-minded people

  • climbing
    • Free or cheaper access to the DAV climbing facilities
    • Support programs for young talents and top climbers

  • own initiative
    • Ideal and financial support of the association, which stands for the compatibility of mountain sport and nature
    • Possibility of a qualified training as a professional trainer or trainer
    • Use on environmental sites and the care of the alpine route
    • Help with the restoration and maintenance of the alpine club huts
    • If interested, volunteering in one of the many areas of the section work


The membership fee varies within the individual sections. The size and the offer of the section are decisive. Either way, the fees are quite low: an adult pays monthly between 3 euros and 8 euros. For partners, there is a discount, as well for families and young people.

Which section should I join?

We recommend the section that is closest to your home. This is the best way to take advantage of offers, courses, events, library and equipment rental.
You can find out which section is close to you.


How am I going to be a member?

That’s simple! Once you have decided on a section, you can download the DAV membership application as a pdf, fill it out and send it to your desired section.

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