Circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 15

The next morning, after breakfast, we set off for the reindeer farm. The path leads into a forest until you reach houses and barns. Some reindeer walk along the paths. When we get out of the car, a man comes towards us. He is the owner of the farm. Christian talks to him shortly. We would like to take pictures of the reindeer and if possible of a woman in traditional Sami clothing. This is allowed and we look around the farm.
The daughter of the farmer shows herself in very beautifully decorated traditional clothing. Even though not everyone living on the farm is dressed from top to bottom in Sami clothes, I notice that they all wear traditional footwear. They are leather shoes wrapped in red ribbons with a yellow pattern.
It is impressive how close the reindeer come to us, despite the fact that they are rather shy animals. So we could take some pictures and also we learn more about the Sami culture. Among other things we are told that there are three Sami languages spoken and written in Finland: Inarisamish, Northern Sami and Skoltsamish. They are influenced by the different countries where the Sami live and have been preserved until today.
After visiting the reindeer farm, we move on to the Sami Parliament in Inari. It is a large modern-looking building, which we enter. Christian has contacted the parliament in advance, so we have the opportunity to get rid of some questions with a contact person. We ask at the reception if she is available. She is in the house and we should be patient for a moment. In the short waiting time we look around a bit in the parliament. But we can’t get that much information only visually. When our contact person comes up to us, we are happy to see her and hope she has time for a short interview. However, this is denied to us. The parliament and their employees do not give spontaneous interviews and the president is on vacation. Ok – this is a small setback. She explains to us that it is not that easy. We are welcome to formulate questions in writing and send them to her by e-mail. The president of the Sami-parliament could answer them when he is back from vacation. We will have to content ourselves with that.
After the short visit of the Sami parliament and unhelpful answers we get into the car and drive further south.

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