Circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 3

During the night as well as the next morning it rains in torrents. We quickly pack up and continue on our way. On our route we touch the Stuttgonglia National Park. Even though it still rains, we stop to take a look over the national park. With less rain and a little more sunshine, this is certainly a very nice place to hike. After looking around, we get back in the car.
We drive a few kilometers until we reach a place suitable for photography. The drops from the sky become less, which is convenient for us and we explore the place. A hiking trail appears. A bridge leads over rapids and not far away is the Jotunheimen National Park.
Outside it is cool, about 8°C. The rainy weather makes the temperature feel a bit colder. Since at home already a summer warmth spreads, I have not packed a thick jacket. I already realize that I probably would not get around to buy another warm piece of clothing. Since the cloudy weather doesn’t clear up, we plan a stopover to get me a warm jacket. On the following route there are several outdoor and sports stores. Fortunately, I find what I need and have a nice warm down jacket in the evening.
We look for a place to spend the night near Steinkjer so that the journey to the service station the next day is as short as possible. We find a great location at a lake.

Who is this little fellow? ©Christian Hein
Who is this little fellow? ©Christian Hein

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