Circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 2

In the middle of the night we leave the harbor with its bright lights at 3:30 a.m. and drive onto the dark sea. On board we use the 4 h for a cap full of sleep. At dawn we arrive in Sweden.
Quite the opposite of the current temperatures in Germany, which are above 30°C, we wrap ourselves in warm jackets. At breakfast at the harbor we plan our further trip. It is clear that we are going north. We want to see the Lofoten, be at the North Cape and find the Samis. So we don’t waste any time and start driving. We spend most of the way on highways and expressways, including some construction sections.
As is typical for construction locations, there are rolling chippings at one point or another. When this is the case, speed limits exist to prevent stones from being kicked up. A stone was put on such an unfortunate flight path by another driver who was going too fast that it hit Edgar’s windshield. The result: A stone chip in the upper left field of vision including a 30 cm long crack.
So we can’t just drive on and look for a solution. We contact Carglass International on recommendation, who forward us to Carglass Norway and they in turn to Carglass Germany. After many phone calls and referrals from here to there and back again, we manage to organize an appointment in Steinkjer. This is on our route and does not cost us a big additional way around. That is perfect. So, for now, we continue with a stone chip and crack in the windshield. We take care that the crack does not increase and undercut the speed limits to the anger of the other drivers…
After a long distance on the highway, we get more into nature on federal highways. We drive so high above normal zero that no more trees grow and we are surrounded by mountains. Here we look for a place to spend the night. It is so nice and quiet in this place, despite that it is next to a major road. A table and seats are arranged out of stones. These invite us to sit down and look at the first photos until late in the evening. Here it is already clear that we are approaching the Arctic Circle. During the day it is very light for a long time and the sun sets only for a short time. In the middle of the mountains we set up our sleeping place. It is cool and we quickly slip into our sleeping bags in the rooftop tent, which warm us very well.

our first night in the mountains of south Norway ©Christian Hein
our first night mountains of Norway ©Christian Hein

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