Circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 11

To refill our energy levels, we sleep in the next day. Through the darkened tent it does not bother us that it is dusky the whole night.
We get up, strengthen ourselves with breakfast in the sun and get into conversation with our parking lot neighbors. They tell us where they come from and how their way is so far. In addition, the couple along with their travel companions have googled what the logo on the back doors of our car is all about. So we have a nice and friendly conversation. After this we do the dishes, pack up and want to start. After all, we still have to get the kayak.
We get into the car full of energy, want to start and… nothing happens. The car does not start. More than a slight sound of ‘I want to start, but I don’t have the energy’ can’t be heard. After this number of kilometers, it’s possible that the car battery is dead. Oh well. Fortunately, we are in a well-filled parking lot and have nice Austrian neighbors. Since we had such a good time, we knock on their car door and ask for help. They jump right up to give us a jump start. We push our car a bit out of the parking space. The big campers have their battery under the driver’s seat. So then we can connect the starter cables. It takes less than 5 min and we can drive off. But now we have to get the kayak and leave the car longer. Will it start then? We have found a solution to this question. The two dear parking lot neighbors give us their cell phone number. If our car doesn’t start, we are welcome to call, they are still here for the whole day. That is fantastic! Even if we later did not have to make use of their offer.
So we drive to Nordkapp again, to the hiking trail E1 and descend the 300 m high cliff. On the way down, trainers from the Norwegian Armed Forces catch up with us. They think they are already doing crazy stuff here. When we tell them that we are about to carry a boat back to the top, they are amazed. We are also very hardcore!
This time, we decide to carry the kayak up in packed form. While the cover is not quite as grippy as the kayak’s straps, the much shorter length makes it easier to carry. Once the kayak is dried, folded and packed up, we set off. We carry it together for the first section of the trip. There is a big difference noticed that it is now in compact form. It is so much easier to carry.
Christian is so kind and carries his kayak alone for the second part. 35 kg must be carried uphill on a narrow path. The rest of the way we share the load. Again and again we take breaks to catch our breath, to normalize our pulse and to rest our hands. Section – break – section – break – section – break – … This is how you can describe our way up. 2 h and 30 min we torture ourselves up the steep coast.
When we reach the top and we see the road in sight, feelings of happiness come over us. We know it’s not far now. This raises all the strength we still have. It feels so good when the kayak is at the car and we stow it away. I am proud of us!
To further delight, the car battery also perseveres and we can continue on our way. We drive a good distance until the tank is almost empty. In the evening we look for a place to spend the night near Ifjord.

our camp
our camp ©Christian Hein

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