Circumnavigation of the Baltic Sea: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 13

It rains through the night and into the next morning. But no problem, we want to stay indoors as much as possible today. We have breakfast under the rain protection of the trunk door and then quickly put everything together. It’s great to have everything with us – sleeping gear, clothes, kitchen. It makes traveling very comfortable!
The Sadii Museum is a 5-min-drive away. In it we learn a lot about the Sami, the only indigenous people in Europe. It is a population group that has lived in an area for generations, that is, even before conquests, colonization or the founding of a state. Accordingly, they are the original indigenous people. Also, because they have lived here for decades or even centuries, they have a strong emotional, economic and cultural attachment to the land.
The museum offers a lot of information indoors and outdoors. We explore all the rooms. They give us interesting facts about the history of the Sami people, their culture and their clothing. In the outdoor area we find the huts of the Sami people faithfully reproduced and exhibited how they have changed over time. It is also interesting to see how the people protected themselves from wild animals with self-developed traps and how they sheltered their own animals. With a lot of new knowledge we go back to Edgar.
However, we would still like to see reindeer up close. Inari is a smaller town, but has a reindeer farm. We contact them and can come visit two days later. Great!

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