Sleeping bag liner

A sleeping bag liner is a thin cloth. It is used in many huts in the mountains. The dorm rooms (the large dormitories) are usually equipped with simple blankets and pillows that can not be washed after each use. In order to maintain hygiene, guests must bring a hut sleeping bag – almost as bedding. This is also the case in some hostels or accommodations.

Climbing Shoes

Finding suitable climbing shoes can be nerve-wracking under certain circumstances.
The shoes should be as narrow as possible to ensure the best possible stance (even on small kicks). On the other hand, no toe should be pressed – and pressure points should not exist in the best case! A clean pedaling becomes an impossibility even if you have to cry aloud when the foot is loaded …

Trekking stove

Magic mirror in my hand, which is the best stove in the land?

Who was not already in the shop and felt overwhelmed by the sheer infinite selection of stoves? You are helplessly standing there and do not know at all the difference between the models and fuels, or where to start …

With this article, we want to bring light into the darkness and help you to find the right stove for your adventures.

Hydration Bladder

About two liters of fluid should be consumed by one adult per day. On days with particularly high physical stress even more.
When walking, paddling, jogging or other activities outdoors, you can see increasingly people with hydration bladders.

Sleeping bag

Sleep is vital. Especially after physical exertion, the body needs sleep to recharge – and that’s exactly why you need a suitable sleeping bag.

Here are the key criteria to look for when choosing the right sleeping bag for your adventure.

Technical equipment

You can’t turn back time, but photos and moving pictures will take us back to very special moments of our life’s and make it possible to share them with others. What our camera equipment is all about, you see here.

The right snowshoes for you

Snowshoes are not all alike. What are the differences you should pay attention when buying (or borrowing), you will find out here.

The perfect backpack and how to organize it

A backpack has the right size if everything you want to take with you fits inside. No more and no less.

Often it is difficult to estimate what you will need on the way. In many cases that leads to packing too much. What you really need of equipment is closely related to what you’re up to.

Leather shoe vs. membrane shoe

The first question you should consider when buying a pair of boots: leather or membrane? Both materials have advantages as well as disadvantages. Which material will support you best in your adventures, you will read here.

Rain jackets

Are you looking for a rain jacket for upcoming outdoor adventures? In addition to the appropriate size and colour, there are other criteria that you should consider.