Difficulty levels of mountain trails

Again and again we are asked “Is the tour also suitable for us? How difficult is it? Can I even do it?” Especially in the mountains it is not uncommon that people overestimate themselves or underestimate the tour. Unfortunately, there is not yet a globally uniform system in this area. Also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the various claim levels are not uniform.
Therefore you can find an overview of the different systems here.

Basics of outdoor nutrition

In order to enjoy our Trip, it is important to take care of our body sufficiently. How should the provisions be composed in order to keep the body efficient during the whole tour?

Down Feather

Down are small, very soft feathers. In most bird species, they grow under the visible feathers as an undergarment, ensuring optimum isolation of the bird from heat and cold.

Winter Camping

5 tips for a good night’s sleep in a tent at minus degrees and snow

Planning Multi-day Tours

Put on a backpack and some hiking boots and set off to foreign places?
Not quite: Route planning is definitely part of a long distance hike! Unfortunately, the planning of the route is a true abomination to many hikers.

Water Column

When buying a raincoat or a tent, you should always keep an eye on the label. Here you can find information about the so-called “water column”.


The Gore-Tex membrane is one of the best-known membranes in outdoor clothing. It is now used in raincoats, trousers and hiking boots. According to manufacturers, the products are windproof, waterproof and breathable.