Corsica: Microcamper Summer (Travel Journal)

We start our trip to Corsica on Friday. While Christian uses the morning to run a few errands and load the car, I had to work until the afternoon. The end of the working day marks the beginning of the holiday. We pack up the necessary things relatively quickly and leave for the south in the evening.
Since the ferry is not booked until Sunday, we can relax. By car, we cover a distance below Munich. In the area around Rosenheim we look for a place to sleep by the river Inn.

Kenial e.V.

Ms Joh is an enthusiastic climber. One of her trips in 2015 will take her to Kenya. There she wants to climb the mountains and give something back to the local children. The question is: “How can I be climbing here in my high-tech sports jacket and the kids down there don’t even have shoes?” From this moment the idea emerges that athletes, sportsmen and travelers can commit themselves to improving the situation of local children.

Project Disco 3

After a trip to Norway in a converted Volkswagen T5 as well as various sightings of off-road vehicles with a roof tent it was soon clear: “We need something like that!” Initially, we wanted to have a Volkswagen Touareg Gen 1. Unfortunately, during the first test drive, we discovered that the trunk of the Touareg is not as big as expected. On the way home from this test drive by chance, we parked in a car park right next to a Land Rover Discovery 4. Amazed, we stood in front of it and noticed that this trunk is hard to beat in size. After some research, it was soon clear that the Discovery is the perfect vehicle for our application.

Projekt Disco 3

Nach einer Reise nach Norwegen in einem umgebauten Volkswagen T5 sowie diversen Sichtungen von Offroad-Mobilen mit Dachzelt war schnell klar: „Sowas brauchen wir auch!“ Im ersten Ansatz wollten wir einen Volkswagen Touareg Gen 1 haben. Leider mussten wir bei der ersten Probefahrt feststellen, dass der Kofferraum des Touareg gar nicht so groß ist wie erwartet. Auf dem Heimweg von dieser Probefahrt parkten wir zufälligerweise in einem Parkhaus direkt neben einem Land Rover Discovery 4. Staunend standen wir davor und stellten fest, dass dieser Kofferraum an Größe schwer zu überbieten ist. Nach ein paar Recherchen war dann schnell klar, dass der Discovery das perfekte Gefährt für unseren Anwendungsfall ist.

Nico Schnee und sein Sprung nach Korsika

Eigentlich war Schweden das erste geplante Ziel mit unserem umgebauten Land Rover Dirscovery 3. Leider oder Glücklicherweise lernten wir kurz vor der Abreise einen Züchter für Französische Wasserhunde (Barbet) aus der Schweiz kennen. Da wir schon seit fast zwei Jahren mit dem Gedanken spielen unsere Herde um einen solchen kleinen lockigen Freund zu erweitern, war klar, dass wir der Schweiz einen Besuch abstatten müssen. Nun ist der Weg von Mitteldeutschland über die Schweiz nach Schweden ein nicht zu vernachlässigender Umweg von ca. 1200 km. Also planten wir kurzfristig um und fuhren über die Schweiz gen Süden nach Korsika

Nico Schnee and his dive into Corsica

Actually Sweden was the first planned destination with our converted Land Rover Dirscovery 3, but unfortunately or luckily we met a breeder for French Water Dogs (Barbet) from Switzerland shortly before our departure. Since we have been thinking about adding such a small curly friend to our herd for almost two years, it was clear that we would have to pay Switzerland a visit. Now the way from Central Germany via Switzerland to Sweden is a not to be neglected detour of about 1200 km. So we changed our plans at short notice and drove south via Switzerland to Corsica.

Lofoten: Microcamper Summer

Untouched nature, remote fishing villages, deep fjords, lonely beaches surrounded by majestic mountains. And all this far north of the Arctic Circle.
After our winter tour from Tromsø to Narvik, I swore to come up here again in the summer time in order to have a closer look to the many small islands of the Lofoten and the surrounding area.
This time without northern lights but with the advantages of the midnight sun.