Tromsø – Narvik: Kayaking Winter (Travel Journal)

Day 7

During the night the air became more and more humid. The tent is covered from outside and inside with a thick layer of hoarfrost, just like the kayaks. Everything is wet or at least pretty damp.
Luckily today we don’t need to get far just a few km to Finnsnes, a small town with about 4.5tsd inhabitants to fill up our supplies.
Again we have wonderful paddling weather: sun, no waves and crisp -10 degrees (well … it could be a bit warmer). Suddenly there is noise and rumbling across the water. The AIDA drives by. What a huge contrast to the silence we were used before.
In Finnsnes we went shopping and treat ourselves to two extremely expensive beer for the equivalent of 15 € (!).
We spend the night in the garden of a nice couple.

frozen kayak
frozen kayak ©Martin Hoffmann

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