Tromsø – Narvik: Kayaking Winter (Travel Journal)

Day 6

After the cozy night in the house, it is not easy for us to leave this comfort behind. But we are not here for that: After the extremely short distance yesterday, we really have to continue today.
The weather is also much friendlier than yesterday and it’s warm (around 0 degrees). Our host gives us a farewell note: We should pay attention to the tides. In the bottleneck between the island and the mainland, which we will pass today, there are strong tidal currents. These are so strong that a kayak will not be able to get through. So we have to wait for the beginning of the flood before we paddle through the bottleneck. Everything is going as planned. Even the sun is shining. We paddle 16 kilometers.
Towards evening we camp under a perfect starry sky. It gets cold (below -10 degrees) while the humidity increases.

Martins hands after a day in his gloves
Martins hands after a day in his gloves ©Martin Hoffmann

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