Tromsø – Narvik: Kayaking Winter (Travel Journal)

Day 5

Today we have a great start. We make great progress the first few kilometers … but then a storm pulls up. The situation becomes critical. The wind pulls us out to the open sea. We have problems returning to shore. After a hard fight, we finally made it to the shore. We are totally exhausted and call it a day, even we just made 5km progress today. In Lenvikveien (a tiny place with only a few houses) we meet a friendly gentleman. He asks us why we are doing this trip in the wintertime.
I think he does not really understand our reasons but anyway – he offers us a place to sleep in the house and we accept it gladly! We dry our clothes and warm up. Martin plays guitar. Outside, the northern lights are dancing.

PS: The question of “why we are doing it in wintertime?” Somehow we are getting asked from all the people we meet on the way.

Storm and waves
Storm and waves ©Christian Hein

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