Tromsø – Narvik: Kayaking Winter (Travel Journal)

Day 11

Today we paddle far out to the open sea – far away from the protective islands. The wind is blowing and high waves are clapping over the kayaks. There are no noticeable currents – nevertheless, we have to fight hard to get ahead. Again It’s really exhausting. Our arms are glowing! As we approach the coast, two sea eagles circle above the sky. What majestic animals! “Martin, get out the camera!” I scream. But Martin is exhausted. His answer: “No way! I want a cookie!”. After eating a few cookies we see the eagles again, sitting on the shore. This time we get out the camera and take some souvenir photos. Tonight we use the tent again. We find a great place to sleep on a headland and are lucky to see the northern lights.

camp along the tour
camp along the tour ©Christian Hein

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