Tromsø – Narvik: Kayaking Winter (Travel Journal)

Day 10

Without problems we overcome a 15km crossing … and that despite high waves (about 1,50m). On the way, we see a porpoise. Unfortunately, the waves are too strong to take out the camera. In the afternoon we reach Engenes, a tiny village. We are relatively exhausted and want to find a place to stay. We do not have much choice – almost everything is already closed. By chance, we meet a man who leases holiday homes. They are very large (for six people) and luxurious and cost a lot … 180 € per night – a huge amount for the two of us! Fortunately, the man is willing to let us stay for half the price. We don’t have enough, so Martin pays by credit card … at least he tries: Our landlord just changed his card reader shortly before and now the machine refuses the service. Finally, we give the man all the cash that we have – just about 20 €. What lucky guys we are!

crossing the fjord
crossing the fjord ©Martin Hoffmann

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