Tromsø – Narvik: Kayaking Winter (Travel Journal)

Day 4

In front of us is a 10km long crossing. We leave the slipstream of the headland – The wind hits us from the front. We paddle and paddle. Take hardly any breaks. Who stops paddling is blown back again. Around noon we made it to the opposite island. We get drinking water in Tennskjer and then head west along the coast.
We find a great place for our tent with views of the sea and the mountains of the opposite (half) island. The only drawback: The floor consists of large stone slabs and is covered with a thick layer of ice. We can not anchor the tent properly. At night, temperatures fall well below -10 degrees and a storm is on. Our tent is literally blown flat. We have to stabilize the walls from inside.

sunset in the camp
sunset in the camp ©Martin Hoffmann

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