Micro Adventures

According to Wikipedia, an adventure is “a risky venture or an experience that is very different from everyday life”. That means an adventure will not only be an adventure if you are on an expedition for more than six months or on another continent. It is not about the temporal extent, nor the distance traveled, or about financial means.

What is it about?

It is about the departure (out of your usual environment, out of the everyday stupidity). More and more people are discovering that they can experience adventure – right in front of their doorstep. The whole is in itself nothing really new! Actually, it is a classic “weekend trip” – at least we called it so earlier … today it is called a lot of hipper: “micro-adventure”.

But no matter whether it is a weekend trip or micro-adventure, we from Explore Borders are looking forward to everyone who is trying to discover something new.

In addition to the new perspective and the fun factor, micro-adventure can be something else: “First steps on the way to the big adventure.”
In fact, they are ideal for preparing for longer ventures!
You would like to walk over the Alps, but you are concerned about whether you can do it physically? Why do not you make a little trip to a mountain nearby… with 18 kilos on your back and find it out …

We also recently tried it again: last Sunday I went, together with my friend Tom, to the airfield. Gliding. We both had not done it yet – but we will definitely do again! It was awesome!

Homepage: www.fsv-oppin.de

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