What would you do if …

Here, at ExploreBorders, we regularly call for people to discover, questioning, and even cross their own borders. And even though we do refer to outdoor activities, you certainly can grow internal in other areas of life.


Stress, crises, strokes of fate.
Sometimes in life, not everything is going as planned or hoped for. However, different people have a different grade, of a sensitive soul. Some are highly sensitive, others are more like unemotional.

Why it’s good to be outdoors

“Nature is the best therapy.”
… I come across this quote while browsing the web. A modern lettering in front of a hip landscape shot … which I also believe to have seen as background for “Carpe diem” …
But ok – nature as a therapy! How does it work?

Between Foolishness and Boredom

Getting on an adventure means always taking on risks. We dare something new, something whose outcome we can hardly or cannot foresee:

How to find an Adventure under every Rock

If you are looking for the kick or the adventure, it seems like you have to invest more and more money to experience anything at all.
When asked “What are we going to do at the weekend?” More and more the answer is “Oh, nothing special. I have no money!”.

Failure as a Chance

We love success stories.
Stories of people who, despite a multitude of obstacles, made it to the top. Stories of radiant winners on the podium, Oscar winners, and first ascenders …
“They did it!”

How to deal with Fear

It hides under the bed and in the darkness, it comes over us at high altitude or during a retreat. Sometimes as a spider, sometimes as a tight elevator, sometimes as a math teacher

Comfort Zone

What a nice word! It sounds like soft pillows, warmth and the smell of cinnamon – in short: heavenly!
So why the hell everyone wants to tell me that I should leave this place?


Let’s be honest: we simply have no influence on some things!
May it be the broken water pipe in the basement, the new boss or the weather. No matter how thoroughly we eat our plate, how fervently we perform a rain dance or how much we cringe … some things are beyond our control.
Nevertheless, we are not helpless of the “storms” of life. Our weapon? Optimism.

Micro Adventures

According to Wikipedia, an adventure is “a risky venture or an experience that is very different from everyday life”. That means an adventure will not only be an adventure if you are on an expedition for more than six months or on another continent.

The Dream as Destination

Josh has a dream. He wants to drive the big red car, driving through the city with a tossing siren and all other cars have to wait. He imagines this exactly and in this moment the 5-years-old Josh knows one thing for sure: He is going to be a Firefighter.


Why it’s so often just a dream?

In newspapers, television and the growing media diversity, we repeatedly meet with reports of people who have a completely different way of life than the masses of the people around us. People who travel around the world set up aid organisations, or rebuild a farm so it is ecological.
We are deeply impressed … and still, go on exactly where we left off. In some cases, however, the reports of other life models affect our emotions. What we heard has met our desire…
… we start dreaming … and finally, go on exactly where we left off.