How to find an Adventure under every Rock

If you are looking for the kick or the adventure, it seems like you have to invest more and more money to experience anything at all.
When asked “What are we going to do at the weekend?” More and more the answer is “Oh, nothing special. I have no money!”. Be it cinema, swimming pool, skiing or disco … if you want to experience something, you likely have to take a service.
But let’s face it, the problem is not just the consumer society, but the lack of interest and the limited horizons of the people who live in it.

In principle, there are two ways to experience something: dependent and independent.

The first category, which was already mentioned, is the desire to be entertained. This requires a service that usually has to be paid. Participation in such an “externally created” event is neither better nor worse than independent experience. However, those who experience only passive will, with time, unlearn to find an adventure somewhere else.
The independent experience, which may also come from the experiences of a guided activity, the event itself is self-created.
In this case, the desire to experience something meets a certain interest and a spark of curiosity, which creates the often rare thirst for action.

At the beginning of each voluntary act, there is the interest. Good to know we’re all born with it: curiosity and interest are fundamental traits. Especially babies begin to observe and explore the world around them. The enormous exploration urge lasts until childhood. With an almost infinite endurance is asked and researched. But that changes with age…

But why?

We live in a society where the media create and evaluate topics of conversation. This makes it easy to get into a conversation with others, as everyone builds on the same input. Things that deviate from the group interest lose their importance. Therefore, there is little interest in continuing education in these areas.
And this could become a Problem…

Here’s an example.
Suppose every member of a group has very different interests.
To be able to talk to each other or to come to a common denominator, common themes become the focus of this group. Other interests meet with dislike or disinterest. As a result, individual interests may wither away as the focus may shift to media-themed topics.

The whole thing sounds like the media are the bad guys. But no, the problem is actually the lack of interest in others and their interests.
If instead of aversion and disinterest, we pay attention to the other, there is a chance that it will inspire us and arouse our curiosity.
Even if it seems outlandish at the beginning and the topic is something that we can not understand at first. The desire to understand the thoughts of the other person can be enough to inspire us and to develop us in a new direction. Only in this way, a group can inspire each other and each member develops individual interests and pursue them.

Other problems with the lack of interest are our prejudices and our own personal truth.
But let’s start with an example: We all know the phenomenon that after we have learned something our interest flattens up. After the excitement of driving the parents’ car the first time, later car journeys are increasingly boring.
If somebody tells us how exciting driving is, then we just smile briefly. We think we know what he means and how he feels.
But is that really true?
Hard to say! To find out we have to put ourselves in the others mind. And that means leaving out our own truth. Only then can we see something new.

“It’s not easy to fill a jar that’s already full.”

Mo’at to Jake in Avatar

Soon we will find out, that every person evaluates small details of a thing differently and that is why he comes to another statement – which is also true and correct!

With this realization, we have expanded our horizons.

Anyone who appreciates others and seriously tries to empathize with him will gain new insights. Many new insights eventually lead to knowledge. The road to this knowledge is the adventure we are looking for. Be it on a social level, in the search for oneself, after freedom or the kick: It is always worthwhile to re-examine one’s own truth.

Every input, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem at first, expands our lives…. because treasures can be found under small stones.

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