The Dream as Destination

Josh has a dream. He wants to drive the big red car, driving through the city with a tossing siren and all other cars have to wait. He imagines this exactly and in this moment the 5-years-old Josh knows one thing for sure: He is going to be a firefighter. Josh, in this case, is not really aware of what it means to work as a firefighter – would he see another way to drive the red car with the siren, he would probably choose that. But he doesn’t care about other ways.
The question Josh is asking is simple but genius:

What do I have to do to get what I want?

As we get older, things seem not as simple (or maybe we just make it harder as it is). Just like Josh, we see something that impresses us. We are thinking “I want that, too”. But just before we get this dream (the wind in the hair and the howling of the siren in the ears) our brain starts thinking. We think through this: Is it worth it at all? Such an education as a firefighter is certainly really exhausting! It is quite a dangerous job! And shift service? Oh well… maybe not. Driving that car is great but that great.

Josh does not let this idea drift away so easily! Not just because he does not know what shift service means. No. Josh has a dream! He knows exactly how good the steering wheel will feel in his hand as he drives up and down the long ladder and how damn good it all feels. Not to mention the siren!

When we get older we tend to not create such colorful images of our dreams. Just sometimes we get similar euphoric like Josh with the firefighter car. “That would be nice, but …”, it’s a more common idea.

Whether for convenience, doubt, habit, failure, or whatever: We dare not to dream.

At the beginning each goal was a dream.

By limiting our dreams, we limit our possibilities.
Of course, this does not mean, that from every dream a goal has to rise.
Not every one of us has to become a firefighter.
But one thing is certain: every goal requires a motivation, the reason and to stay motivated even under bad conditions. This requires a lot of energy and perseverance!
Our dreams can give us the strength! If we get them colorful and full of life, they can provide us with pure energy. They serve as the reason to fight for our goals. And they even can be the answer to:

Why we are doing things?

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