Why it’s so often just a dream?

In newspapers, television and the growing media diversity, we repeatedly meet with reports of people who have a completely different way of life than the masses of the people around us. People who travel around the world, set up aid organizations, or rebuild a farm so it is ecological.
We are deeply impressed… and still, go on exactly where we left off. In some cases, however, the reports of other life models affect our emotions. What we heard has met our desire… we start dreaming… and finally, go on exactly where we left off.

But why?
What prevents us from sticking to our dreams and implementing them?
The answer to these questions lies in the matter itself: it is about other life models. New paths that differ from everything we know from our immediate environment. Going another way is difficult.
We live in a culture where a certain way of life is viewed as desirable. In a roughly sketched perspective, this looks like this:

  • good grades in school
  • get a degree
  • get the right partner
  • get a safe working place
  • Professional development
  • marry the partner
  • Children, house and dog
  • have a secure pension

To clarify: I have absolutely NOTHING against this life model! I know many people, who are very satisfied with exactly this or a similar life model. And satisfaction is clearly the goal of a fulfilled life!

This article is about all those, who want to change their way of life – and still don’t do it.

We continue living our lives. However, the desire does not disappear. On the contrary: it makes sure that the old dream is lit up again and again in our consciousness. The reaction to this dream is usually the following: “Oh, yes, I’ll do if I’m retired…”
Looking at the listed life rules it’s not surprising. It´s the only section of life that offers room for maneuver. However, most retirees do not really realize their dreams. Whether it is because of the comfort that the usual lifestyle offers, the responsibility to the family, physical limitations or whatever it is…
We defer our own wishes. They then lose substance over time and gradually become transparent. Statistically speaking, only one out of ten actually manages to turn his dreams into reality.
One out of ten!! A sad record!
So how can dreams be kept alive and made true?
When viewed from a distance, it is quite easy. All it takes is endurance, passion and a good breeze courage.
Sounds simple, sounds good! Seen from a distance… with ourselves, we are more critical.
We are afraid to fail. Are afraid to make mistakes.

At this point let´s do a little thought experiment: Imagine you are old. You look at the last sun rays of your life evening. The end is near. What will you regret?
The mistakes you made? Certainly not, they are part of your life. You accepted them. They have made you what you are.
What you’re going to regret is not the things you did… but the things you did NOT do.
For this reason, we should not dismiss our dreams easily and do not defer our own wishes… someday it is too late.

In the end, it is quite simple:
Time is the substance of life. Each of us has its own available. At the beginning, it appears infinite to us. Throughout our lives, we are consuming more and more. Until we finally see the end and notice that it is not enough left.
And the moral of this story?
Live your dreams!


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  1. Abhijith Padmakumar says:

    Great post. Really inspiring. I just loved it 😊. Thx a lot for posting it up 👍

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