from Tromsø to Narvik Day 11

Today we paddle far out to the open sea – far away from the protective islands. The wind is blowing and high waves are clapping over the kayaks.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 10

Without problems we overcome a 15km crossing … and that despite high waves (about 1,50m). On the way, we see a porpoise.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 9

We slept very well and start the new day in a good mood. The weather is still wonderfully sunny and almost windless.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 8

In the morning we get coffee and had a nice chat with our hosts. Super nice! Today there is a long crossing in ahead of us.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 7

During the night the air became more and more humid. The tent is covered from outside and inside with a thick layer of hoarfrost, just like the kayaks. Everything is wet or at least pretty damp.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 6

After the cozy night in the house, it is not easy for us to leave this comfort behind. But we are not here for that:

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 5

Today we have a great start. We make great progress the first few kilometers … but then a storm pulls up. The situation becomes critical. The wind pulls us out to the open sea.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 4

In front of us is a 10km long crossing. We leave the slipstream of the headland – The wind hits us from the front. We paddle and paddle. Take hardly any breaks. Who stops paddling is blown back again.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 3

We start early. Packing and dressing are much faster. Martins neoprene gloves and shoes got wet yesterday and frozen overnight. His hands and feet cool super fast. Every movement of the cold body parts hurts him.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 2

Today it starts! The first day on the water is ahead of us. However, our departure is delayed. Packing and loading the kayaks takes longer than expected. And dressing the drysuit takes time too. Around noon we are finally ready.

from Tromsø to Narvik Day 1

Schönefeld Airport in Berlin. 8:00 am
We take the plane to Oslo. In the capital of Norway, we have a few hours before heading north again.