Why extreme experiences are so important in our life

Every day of our life consists of a sequence of events. Very individually we often evaluate these moments subconsciously positive or negative and give them a certain degree of intensity. Most people avoid negative situations in order to avoid being disappointed. Positive moments come into focus, because they seem to give us happiness and satisfaction. However, it is those moments that contain the greatest potential for happiness and satisfaction.

Martin Spitzbart ist unaufhaltbar

25 Jahre. Das Alter, in dem man glaubt, die Kraft zu haben, alles zu tun, Bäume zu entwurzeln, Stürme zu entfachen und sich irgendwie unbesiegbar zu fühlen. Aber einen Moment später musste ich von vorne beginnen, mein linker Arm war völlig gelähmt. Auch neuropathische Schmerzen wurden mein neuer, ungebetener Begleiter.

Martin Spitzbart is Unstoppable

Age 25. The age when you think you have the strength to do anything, can uproot trees, shakeup storms and feel kind of invincible. But one Moment later I had to start from the beginning with my left arm being completely paralyzed. Also neuropathic pain became my new, uninvited companion.

Project Edgar

Explore distant countries, discover exotic places and go to foreign cultures. With Project Edgar all these things will be possible.

Difficulty levels of mountain trails

Again and again we are asked “Is the tour also suitable for us? How difficult is it? Can I even do it?” Especially in the mountains it is not uncommon that people overestimate themselves or underestimate the tour. Unfortunately, there is not yet a globally uniform system in this area. Also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the various claim levels are not uniform.
Therefore you can find an overview of the different systems here.

Schwierigkeitsgrade von Bergwegen

Um die Schwierigkeitsgrade von Bergwegen vergleichen zu können gibt es leider noch kein weltweit einheitliches System. Selbst in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz sind die jeweiligen Anspruchslevel nicht einheitlich.
Deswegen gibt es hier einen Überblick in die Verschiedenen Systeme.

Hochgrat: Trekking Winter

If you are looking for a short, enjoyable winter hike in Germany, you have come to the right place. In a 4-day tour in the Allgäu Alps, the path from the Hochgrat cable car to the Gündlesscharte and back is very easy to master and is also ideal for beginners.

Hochgrat: Trekking Winter

Wer eine kleine schöne Winterwanderung in Deutschland sucht, ist hier genau richtig. In einer 4-tätigen Tour in den Allgäuer Alpen lässt sich der Weg von der Hochgratseilbahn bis zur Gündlesscharte und zurück sehr gut bewältigen und ist auch für Anfänger bestens geeignet.

Basics of outdoor nutrition

In order to enjoy our Trip, it is important to take care of our body sufficiently. How should the provisions be composed in order to keep the body efficient during the whole tour?