Failure as a Chance

We love success stories.
Stories of people, who made it to the top despite plenty of obstacles. Stories of radiant winners on the podium, Oscar winners, and first ascenders …

“They did it!”

Is what we are thinking while our heroes talk about the obstacles and hardships that stood in their way and which they had to overcome to be where they are now.

In contrast to this, stories of failure are not heard or at least uninviting. No euphoria, no success, no applause … failure hurts. Who likes to talk about burst dreams and destroyed hopes? And who wants to hear it all?
And so it comes that there are hardly any stories about failure – only in the stories of successful people – and only as a review of the stony path to success.
Our personal failure is often embarrassing. It does not count that we actually know that every human fails sometimes.
On the contrary, we keep our heads covered when it comes to our failures – sometimes trying to hide our failure even from close friends.
Admitting mistakes is painful … and exactly as such – and only such – we consider our failure. The potential inherent in any failure is thereby lost.

The potential of failure

Every failure is a chance. A chance to do better next time! However, the prerequisite is to deal honestly with failure.
Why did it not work out? And what can I do to make it work next time?
The moment of failure does not mark the end of the venture!

Failure does not mean to fail!

Consequently, failures have absolutely nothing to be ashamed or justified. Accordingly, a fear of failure is unfounded. Of course,​ it hurts to fail – but only briefly. The pain is transformed into experiences that make us grow and make us become stronger.
If – and this is important – we actually face the situation again and make use of the reasons of the previous failure!
With enough perseverance, our defeats become our best teachers.
That is why successful people say:

“Fail early, fail fast, fail often.”

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