Chimborazo National Park: Trekking Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 4

I slept really bad. The blankets were itchy. Have slight pain in the Achilles tendon. Christian has some pain in his knee. But anyway… finally there is a shower here! With warm water!! It is so good! With a heavy heart, we say goodbye to this luxury. It drizzles as we start our hiking day. We passing the Chimborazo. Unfortunately, his snowy summit is covered in fog. But it looks still impressive. The Chimborazo is the highest mountain in Ecuador. (Actually, it’s a volcano.) At 6263 m altitude, it is not the highest mountain in the world. But still, because its near distance to the equator the peak of Chimborazo is the furthest place from the centre of the Earth. Therefore at its peak the gravitation is the least as anywhere else on earth.

g= 9,7610 m/s2

But somehow our feeling differs a lot from this fact our backpacks feels heavier than before. We are at 4000 m altitude. It is exhausting! Finally, we are arriving the highest point on our trip. (4300 m) Wuhuuu! From now on there is just downhill.

We can see Andean Cowboys. We are fast today and are to walk 20 km.

At the end of the day, we are going to build our tent close to a river. But a native stopped us by doing it. He is screaming “Grande animale! Grande animale!” with waving arms. We should go about 200 m upstream there we would be safe. At least that’s what we are thinking he is saying…

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