Chimborazo National Park: Trekking Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 3

We filter the water from a pump in a village. 6 l for both of us. I am starting sweating and it’s still in the morning. Just before we are packing the tent to start our hiking day. After a while, we are entering the National Park “Reserva de Produccion Faunistica Chimborazo“. The National Park is built around the Vulcan Chimborazo. And even we are at about 4000 m this volcano looks huge. Its snow-covered top is at an altitude of 6310 m. The trail is getting lonely no one here apart from us. And the view of the valley is amazing. We are so lucky with the weather. Ok, we are getting sunburned but that’s normal and we just forgot to protect us from the sun. As we are walking through a llama farm and behind a bush we can spot some fluffy ears. The altitude makes hiking with our heavy backpacks harder and harder. So we tend to have a break every 20 m. It feels like after a 100 m run.

Our target today is El Arenal but it feels like cannot make it. It feels like we are not strong enough. But there is a shelter and a restaurant. So we are walking and walking not thinking about the pain. Waterfalls, steep slopes, wild llamas, a dead horse, and eagles. There are so many interesting features everywhere but we don’t care. We are almost k. o. and we just want to arrive the shelter and the restaurant.
Our legs are hurting, the back feels sore. But as we arrived we were just smiling.
One big coke for me and one big beer for Christian. And two steaks! I never eat better!
And I feel so good.

There is just one room for visitors and its free. I’m in heaven.
In the night it starts raining now we know the shelter is not waterproof but at least we stayed dry.

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