Chimborazo National Park: Trekking Summer (Travel Journal)

Day 2

In the morning we wake up early. Next to our tent are cows. No idea where they came from! We pack our stuff and start hiking. We follow the track uphill. In the end of the day, it will be 600-meter elevation! The areas we pass through are getting more and more rural. Even more cows, sheep, pigs and… our first Ecuadorian llama!
The only car, that passes by, takes us to the next crossing. Only 200 m. But nice guy anyway!

Later I´ve got attacked by a GIGANTIC dog (Christian claims it wasn’t that big. But he wasn’t fighting for his life, so he isn’t permitted to say anything at all. Pfff!). I defeat the monster by hitting it with my walking stick.
We take a break at a small hut on the way. The family, who are living here, give us some water. We give his children some chocolate. Good deal. All the girls and women run away when we get out the camera. The boys seem to be braver. They pose with some puppies. We go on. See a very interesting bird, that looks like a dragonfly. Christian draws it.

At evening we build up the tent near a small village. All it’s people come to visit us. That’s how life as a celebrity must feel like! We show them the drawing of the bird. We wanna know what its name is. But nobody understands that. In the end, a girl takes a pen and draws a pig next to the bird. Not bad either!
At night: a sky full of stars and sheet lightning! Amazing!

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