Why it’s good to be outdoors

“Nature is the best therapy.”

I come across this quote while browsing the web. A modern lettering in front of a hip landscape shot … which I also believe to have seen as background for “Carpe diem” …
But ok – nature as a therapy! How does it work?

Isolated sunbeams fall through the dense foliage roof, the soft forest floor dampens the steps, the air is pure and clear. It smells of resin and pine needles. It is quiet except for the soft chirping of the birds. And suddenly I realize that I feel different. Somehow more relaxed, peaceful, strengthened. And I’m not alone with that! Researchers were able to prove that stays in nature have a calming effect. There are multiple reasons for that. One reason lies in the changed breathing behavior: In nature, we take a deeper breath. This way, more oxygen gets into the body, which makes it better supplied with blood. At the same time, the stress hormone cortisol is broken down, which leads to the – already mentioned – change in mood. This all happens after a relatively short time! It does not matter if it is a stay in the woods, on the beach, in the park or in the mountains.

its just important being outdoors

… Unfortunately, that happens less and less often. The majority of the day is spent in modern buildings, sitting in front of a screen. Along with this, the numbers of people with back problems and overweight are increasing. And not only that: the emotional burden is also increasing. Uninterrupted accessibility, stress, noise and constant pressure to deliver peak performance (professionally as well as privately) – there are reasons why emotional exhaustion disorders such as burn out increase. The current developments make demands on the person for whom he does not seem to be made. Cell phone, email, tablet, and co. – we were not created for that, as descendants of the monkeys. Our original purpose is somewhere else … outdoors! Going out into nature not only provides a contrast to this fast, loud world of life but also allows us to return to our deepest human roots.
OK. Back to the quote from the beginning! Nature as the best therapy?
But it is clear that being outdoors has many, many, many positive effects on us! No question about that!

So we don’t need more reasons … we just go out into nature!

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