Let’s be honest: we simply have no influence on some things!
May it be the broken water pipe in the basement, the new boss or the weather. No matter how thoroughly we eat our plate, how fervently we perform a rain dance or how much we cringe … some things are beyond our control.
Nevertheless, we are not helpless of the “storms” of life. Our weapon? Optimism.

Thick, grey clouds cover the sky. Sun? Wrong!
Softly cursing, I close the tent again and flee back into the warm sleeping bag. That was not how it was planned! A short time later Christian awakes. He opens the zipper and pokes his head out of the tent. With a grin, he turns to me:

“Have you seen? Bright grey sky out there! “

One and the same situation – two completely different perceptions. What happened?

Every situation we come to is analyzed and interpreted by our brains. The whole thing is usually unconscious, lightning fast and absolutely subjective. So it can happen that one and the same situation is interpreted completely differently by two people. This could be the grey sky or the half-full / half-empty glass: we create our own reality.

„Things are not what they are but how we are.“


Is everything just smoothly talked? Hardly: Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh were able to demonstrate in a large-scale study (with over 95,000 participants) that positive thoughts affect not only the psyche but also the body. Optimists live apparently longer and healthier.

For my part, I am sure: it moves much better under “bright grey sky” than under rainy clouds.

Link to the study: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19667234

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