Blade Ventures

Tour name: Rio de Janeiro – Galapagos
Degree of difficulty: advanced
Route length: 9000 km

Total elevation: 30200 m
Alignment: West

Highest point: 4642 m

GPS: route and track as GPX

2 men, 4 inline skates, 6 months and 7000 km.

This is the plan of Marian and Santiago from Halle (Saale). They want to travel through South America… on inline skates. In this way it is an unprecedented project.
The Idea came Marian about two years ago when he found an unusual type of inline skates by coincidence. Unlike most inline skates, they have not 4, but 3 roles, which are much larger. They allow for agile driving, even at high speeds – ideal for long distances.
Marian is deeply impressed: “Suddenly, the opportunity to link 2 things I love together – traveling and skating.”

Discovering the world on inline skates, this thought has remained in the forefront of his mind. When he finally tells his longtime buddy Santiago of his idea, he just responds:

“Sure! When do we begin?”

From now on nothing could stop the two experienced skaters. In order to get to know the new inline skaters better, they first did a test ride from Halle to Copenhagen. They cover almost 600 km in 11 days. After this, we are finally determined: we want more!
The next challenge is found quickly – 6 months all the way through South America! The new project is called Blade Ventures.

map ©Blade_Ventures

What follows is an intense time of planning and preparation. Already in September of this year, the two young men want to skate from Rio de Janeiro through 7 countries and countless cities like São Paulo, Santiago de Chile across the Panamericana to Ecuador in the northwest of South America. Their experiences and impressions will be recorded in a documentary film.
In order to cope with a total of 7000 km in half a year and still have enough time to film, they want to go 50 km a day. And all this at an average speed of 20 km/h! Also a real challenge from a sports point of view – especially when you consider that they will carry all their luggage on their back! A good reason to keep the equipment as light as possible. How does it work? With this question, Blade Ventures receives strong support from its partners: Payola the trekking and outdoor store from Halle, Vaude, as well as the Swedish company Thule.
In addition to their expertise, they also contribute extensive equipment for the success of the tour.

Santiago Lopez and Marian Sorge
Santiago Lopez and Marian Sorge ©Blade_Ventures
elevation profile from Rio de Janeiro - 
elevation profile from Rio de Janeiro to

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