Kungsleden: Trekking Winter (Travel Journal)

Day 10

The Spanish guy stayed strong. To breakfast, he joined us in the hut. He feels a bit cold but it seems he had no serious problems. But he was very thankful that we gave him one of our mattresses because his mattress had just not enough isolation for this temperature.

Today we are having a day off. I have nasty muscle soreness in shoulders and back. It will be a very comfortable day for me. No Backpack and no hike for endless hours just chilling in the sun and sauna.
We just watched the Huskies, prepared the wood for the stove, flight a bit with the drone and got water from the ice hole. I also found a German book in the hut. A perfect day if you ask me.

Later the guys with the Huskies gave us the rest of their potato pancakes… a welcome change to our evening noodles.

dogsled resting on the track at Sälka ©Christian Hein

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  1. Vera says:

    Hey guys,
    some friends and I want to do a similar trip. We have a few questions as it is kind of hard to find information online. Did you bring avalanche safety equipment? How many kilometers did you walk a day? And are there huts between Abiskojaure & Alesjaure?
    Thanks for your help!!

    1. Christian says:

      Hey Vera, on this route you don’t need to take avalanche protection. But of course it depends on the tour you want to do.
      Between Abiskojaure & Alesjaure there is a basic hut (a hut with stove and toilet, nothing else). We have marked it on the map and also in the gpx data. If you have more questions or want to discuss your final route in detail, let me know. I’ll be happy to help. All the best Christian

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