Kungsleden Day 13

As we see the breakfast buffet the first time we feel like we have to eat it all. After all, we have to get all the money back somewhere ;)

The sky is cloudy today and it’s snowing like crazy. We take it as a sign to spare our tired bones another day of hiking. So we are going to take the bus to Nikkaluokta.

Kungsleden Day 12

Today we are going to Kebnekaise. After a short climb, it is mostly downhill. The weather is sunny again today, however, the path leads us through a narrow ravine.  Therefore we are in the shade all day. It is cold… and we have strong wind. After lunch, we had to get warm again so we decided to walk faster downhill. We have now descended into the valley. Here we the trees are starting to grow again.

Kungsleden Day 11

Today we want to continue and hike from Sälka to Singi. It is not far just about 12km and also not really steep. 

We have great weather again. Sweden is at its best!

Kungsleden Day 10

The Spanish guy stayed strong. To breakfast, he joined us in the hut. He feels a bit cold but it seems he had no serious problems. But he was very thankful that we gave him one of our mattresses because his mattress had just not enough isolation for this temperature.

Kungsleden Day 9

Today we want to get all way to Sälka. In the morning it is still ab bit cloudy but later the weather is getting clear. Again best weather we could wish for. The first 3 km are done in an instant. Now it’s getting steeper… up to the highest point of our journey.

Kungsleden Day 8

Our destination for today is Tjäkta. We are starting quite early at about 9:30 am. Christian is trying to slide down the mountain with the pulka. He end up with a face full of snow. :D A swarm of ptarmigans flow away they probably made fun of it.

Kungsleden Day 7

We are having a day off. But we are not lazy: Jarno is running around making some pictures and Christian is flying his drone to get some footage from the area.
I chop wood for the first time in my life and we have to pick up water from the ice hole on the river. The simple life and the beauty of nature are fascinating.

Kungsleden Day 6

Yesterday we haven’t made it to our planned destination. So we have to do 4km more today to stay in time. Today we want to reach Alesjaure. After we cleaned our little lifesaving hut we are ready to start our hike for today.

Kungsleden Day 5

Today we want to start earlier than yesterday. And we made it. We started from the hut at 9 am… but after 10 min we went back because Christians backpack ripped on the side. Because the pulka was fixed there we had to repair it immediately.

Kungsleden Day 4

It’s a challenge to get out of the warm sleeping bag in the next morning. I mean the sun is shining but it is f***king cold.

Kungsleden Day 3

We steeped like Babies! The sun is shining into our cabin. Outside there is plenty of snow.  About 11 am we arrived in Abisko Turiststaion. The start of the trail is not far from the Train station. We get our stuff hiking ready and the snowshoe under our feet. The journey begins!!!