Kenial e.V.

Ms Joh is an enthusiastic climber. One of her trips in 2015 will take her to Kenya. There she wants to climb the mountains and give something back to the local children. The question is:

“How can I be climbing here in my high-tech sports jacket and the kids down there don’t even have shoes?”

From this moment the idea emerges that athletes, sportsmen and travelers can commit themselves to improve the situation of local children. And an association: KENIAL e.V., based in Finning, Bavaria. The association focuses on direct help in everyday life and on better access to education, because that is the foundation for a better future. The aid is financed almost entirely through donations. In addition, the team produces various articles, such as kenial cuddly mountains, which are available for purchase in the shop.

Make a difference together

The cuddly mountain represents make a difference for children, by mountain-loving people for children in need, and it symbolises the association.
On the association’s Instagram account, there are now countless pictures of travellers and athletes who proudly present their cuddly mountain and thus their support for the association. Each cushion is handmade and therefore unique.
But not only self-sewn things can be found in the shop. The cookbook “kenial kochen” has also found its way into the shop. It contains recipes that come from people in the mountains.

The entire profit from these products goes to the children’s and youth aid projects. The money is used, among other things, to provide weatherproof clothing, backpacks or technical requirements for homeschooling. And everything is brought personally and directly to the children by the travellers. The team works closely with local people to ensure that exactly what is needed arrives where it is needed. The distribution of the donations is done by the travellers themselves, of course organised beforehand by KENIAL e.V. For this, the association needs a strong community and many helpers. Athletes and travellers in particular are addressed, who are welcome to contact the association to take extra luggage to their next travel destination and bring it to those who really need it. According to the motto:

Athletes for children all over the world.

The goal is to make a difference with the help of many energetic hands.

With KENIAL e.V. and the many hard-working helpers around Anke Johannssen, a social project was launched that has already achieved a lot. Children in over 19 countries have received material support, which can be read about on the association’s homepage.
So anyone who wants to do something good has the opportunity to do so here.

You can find more information on the homepage of Kenial e.V. or at kenial kochen.

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