Dolomites – Sella group – Piz Ciavazes: Climbing Summer

Tour name: Kleine Micheluzzi
Degree of difficulty: 5- UIAA
Safeguarding: alpine climbing
Route length: 380 m
Alignment: South
Access time: 15 min
Descent time: 1 h
Type of rock: Dolomit
GPS: area as GPX

the “kleine Micheluzzi” ©Christian Hein

That’s all your fault!, I’m growling angrily.
“You are almost there!” sounded from above. Apparently, my climbingpartner Christian doesn’t hear me. I’m just thinking “Yeah, you can talk!” while I’m whining and cursing scanning the rock in front of me. Just don’t look down! We are about 200 m above the ground… and about 200 % above my comfort zone! With jelly legs, I’m standing on a small ledge. Actually, I know that nothing can go wrong: Christian is about 10 m above me doing the belay. Nevertheless, I get scared. In order not getting hysterical, I transform everything into rage. Rage on the rock, the climbing route, the next move and of course on Christian. (Because I can!) Without him, I wouldn’t be in this situation now! I announced my reservations for this tour already yesterday. “Oh, nonsense! This is going to be cool, you little sissy!” He said. And now? Nothing is cool!

a bit scared
a bit scared ©Christian Hein

Ok, the previous pitches have been nice and the view! But that doesn’t count anymore! Just wait until I get to you! As I finally get over the hardest part of the route I’m thinking, it totally makes sense to have a large distance between the belayer and the scared climber. Otherwise, the most common cause of death in climbing might be quite different!
Of course, my adrenaline-flooded brain knows that is nonsense. Not just because it is way more dangerous without a climbing partner, but especially because the climbing partner is much more than just someone being at the other end of the rope. A climbing partner is a person to whom you consciously trust your life… and who in turn puts his own into your hands. He motivates you to push your limits. He praises you and sometimes he forces you. Maybe he knows you and your skills better than you… at least sometimes.

When I finally arrive at Christian, my anger has already vanished. I am also a little bit proud of me having mastered it!
Without Christian, I wouldn’t be in this situation now.
Yes, I am grateful to him… but pssst! This remains among us!

finally on top
finally on top ©Christian Hein

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