Kungsleden Day 9

Today we want to get all way to Sälka. In the morning it is still a bit cloudy but later the weather is getting clear. Again best weather we could wish for. The first 3km are done in an instant. Now it’s getting steeper… up to the highest point of our journey.  The view of the valley is breathtaking. We are having lunch. A group of sled dogs are fast crossing our way. It’s nice to see how much fun the dogs are having pulling the sled!

Kungsleden trail
impressions of the trek ©Jarno Hein

The downhill into the valley is harder than we thought. Jarno felt quite hard luckily only the frame of its pulka is then strongly bent and nobody got hurt. With a bit of fixing we could continue.

The rest of the trail is more hilly than the appearance from above. I continually hope to see the cottage every time we reached the top of this hills. After about 10 tries I’m getting demotivated and with it also my body is getting tired. My backpack feels heavier and heavier.

Finally, there is Sälka. After a hot tea and a soup, I feel better. The sauna is doing the rest.

Short before sunset, a Spanish guy arrived the hut. He seems to be a bit chaotic and very psyched to be on Kungsleden in winter. He decided to test his equipment with staying the first time in the tent. He said so far he had just bad luck with the weather so he couldn’t try.

I’m curious how this will turn out…


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