Kungsleden Day 6

Yesterday we haven’t made it to our planned destination. So we have to do 4km more today to stay in time. Today we want to reach Alesjaure. After we cleaned our little life-saving hut we are ready to start our hike for today. After the first km, we have another material fail. This time we lost something on Jarno’s ski. While he went back to look for it, Christian and I took cover under our windsack. This turns out to be a not so pretty but good idea because today it is really windy and cloudy. But at least it’s way warmer than yesterday. -4 degree
Luckily Jarno came back soon and we can continue. At about lunch, we arrived the basic hut. We make a long break and the wind is getting stronger.

Alesjaure sign
sign in Alesjaure ©Jarno Hein

The rest of the hike brings us straight over a long frozen lake. We already can see Alesjaure at the end of the lake! After a while, we get the feeling to walk on a spot… No reference to size or distance. Just before sunset, we got to the Hut. The host was already waiting for us. We are warmly welcomed. The hut is very big, more than 50 beds are available. But today we are the only people here. But this is ok we just fire up the oven and preparing our dinner…

But then… for the first time in our lives, we see the mystic Northern Lights!!!



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