Kungsleden Day 5

Today we want to start earlier than yesterday. And we made it. We started from the hut at 9 am… but after 10 min we went back because Christians backpack ripped on the side. Because the pulka was fixed there we had to repair it immediately. We have to sew it. Luckily we get everything we need from the Hosts. In addition to this, we sealed this area with tape at the end.

After one hour we can finally start. The weather is great: sunny, -16 degree. After the first few km, we had to make a break because before there is quite a slope in front of us! With the sled and the heavy backpacks, this is really hard work. Our mood is getting down…

Kungsleden trail
impressions of the track ©Jarno Hein

As we finally arrived the top,  I’m pretty much done. The rest of the track is getting moderate from now on. Nevertheless, it is unbelievably hard! The basic hut between Abiskojaure and Alesjaure should be our destination for the day but it seems to be impossible to reach.

We found a couple of little huts from the people which take care of the reindeer’s in the summertime. In the wintertime, nobody is here. After looking closer we found a little open hut with a stove inside. We decide to stay here and prepare everything for the night. There is a huge storm outside and it is getting colder and colder. Luckily not inside the hut our fire is doing its best to keep this unisolated hut warm inside and we are burning wood like it is nothing. Everything seems nice if there wouldn’t be one thing… The need to go to the toilet.
Because the is no toilet and outside you can’t see anything because of the snowstorm and its dangerous cold outside. So we see just one solution… a bucket! (No there is no need to ask for some embarrassing pictures of this event :P)



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