Kungsleden Day 4

It’s a challenge to get out of the warm sleeping bag in the next morning. I mean the sun is shining but it is f***king cold.

It takes longer than normal to get everything together to get back on track. Pack the tent pack the pulka and get breakfast. It is already 11 am when we got back on track. The track starts really challenging steep hills and tight corners. Which makes it hard with the extra length you get from the pulka. In the end, we find the official Winter track which is properly prepared for this season. SO we learned the summer track is a bit different to the winter track. ;)

From time to time there passing snowmobiles our way.  The snow on the track is well packed and we gain speed. Now even its about -15degree we are starting to sweet and we constantly making a break to find the best outfit to balance of not freezing and not sweating. It takes some time to get used to this extreme temperature.

us getting used to the conditions
us getting used to the conditions ©Jarno Hein

The last part of the stage takes us across a vast, frozen lake. The size of it is impressive and we are walking straight across. At the end of this lake, we already can see Abiskojauche. At about 4 pm we are arriving the hut and since the beginning, we feel welcome and it’s quite comfortable there. You even get a sauna there. ;)

We are sharing our room with 4 older guys (Christian is helping one of them with his GPS because he had a problem with the map.) There is also one guy sitting in front of the oven trying to get warm. We are asking him if everything is fine with him. Then he shows us his finger … they were black because of the cold. He told us they had a bad weather last night and he got a frostbite on his fingers. We knew the last night was cold but he told us it must be at least -30 degree… Maybe it was better to find out about that just yet because our Sleeping bags are just made for -5. …

I´m really getting worried about the future since we just started and I don’t know if I’m ready for that level of experience.


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