Kungsleden Day 3

We steeped like Babies! The sun is shining into our cabin. Outside there is plenty of snow.  About 11 am we arrived in Abisko Turiststaion. The start of the trail is not far from the Train station. We get our stuff hiking ready and the snowshoe under our feet. The journey begins!!!
We pass through the “Kungsleden gate” the trail goes into a snowy little forest. The landscape is magical! This part of the trail seems to be hiked a lot because the snow is packed and easy to walk. After about 4,5km we arrived our destination for today. It’s an empty campsite next to a river. But except two simple wooden toilet huts, there is nothing here. We are building the tent and get ready the have our noodles. And soon after it gets dark. The sky is so clear that we easily can see the milky way. But no northern lights.

first night and also the coldest
first night and also the coldest ©Jarno Hein

Before I’m going to my sleeping bag I’m spending enough time to visit the toilet as much I can because the last thing I want is needing to pee in the middle of the night while its terrible cold outside and cozy warm inside my sleeping bag. ;-)
How cold it actually is we don’t know because the only thermometer we have with us is measuring the temperature inside the technic box.

In the night I’m getting a bit scared because I’m not used to seeing my breath get frozen in my sleeping bag. This cold feels dangerous to me. I was never in such an environment before and now we camp there!

In the end, we survived without the freeze and the biggest problem to get some sleep in the night was Christian: he was snoring like a bear.


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