Kungsleden Day 2

The Airport Tegel must be the cleanest of all Airports in the world! A huge machine was cleaning the floor of the Airport the whole night.
So we had almost no sleep… The check-in was also not as smooth as I thought. We are late. The check-in of the bulky luggage takes ages and because of thousand’s of people the check in also. But we are lucky the flight has a delay and we made it in time.

flight to Stockholm
flight to Stockholm ©Jarno Hein

The flight was nice. We arrived in beautiful sunshine and -3 degree in Stockholm. Also, the luggage arrived without any harm. The guys went on the bus to the town center to get petrol and gas for the stove and I’m staying with the luggage at the Airport.

Tonight we will take the night train to Abisko.

The night train is my personal highlight! Okay, our cabin feels like it has 1m² of space (so we are sleeping stacked on top of each other), but its clean and surprisingly quiet and also there is a shower! :-D Next to us there is a group of students from all over the world. We are talking a lot but at about 8 pm we are already in our bed sleeping.  We are so sleepy.

Nighttrain from Stockholm to Abisko
Nighttrain from Stockholm to Abisko

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