Chimborazo national park

Tour name: Chimborazo national park
Degree of difficulty: easy
Tour length: 115km
Total elevation: 2800m ascent and 2870m descent
Alignment: North-East
Highest point: (4300m)
GPS: route and track as GPX

My pulse is racing as I snap for air. Every inch of my body hurts. We are at 4,308 meters above sea level. I’ve never been at such an altitude before! We stop hiking and taking a break. My pulse calms down and I’m able to take a deep breath. The nature around us is stunning, even if there aren’t many plants growing on the barren, grey soil. From time to time wild Lamas are passing by, gazing at us in wonder. So now, after this perfect description, guess where we are! Of course, it’s Ecuador! ;-) More precisely: the Andes. Even more precisely: the Chimborazo National Park. The Chimborazo is a currently inactive volcano and with a peak elevation of 6,263m, it’s the highest mountain in Ecuador. It looks quite majestic with its snow-covered summit! For us, it’s okay to admire the mountain from below. We don’t have time to climb up to the top…of course it’s not about the height… :D

Chimborazo national park
in front of the Chimborazo itself ©Christian Hein

Okay. Let’s better talk about what we are actually doing here in Ecuador: we are hiking from Guaranda to Ambato. We picked these cities, because of their bus connections to Guayaquil (from where we are taking our flights). And because of the beautiful landscape that’s located between the two cities.
It’s a 115km distance with 4830m up and down. The plan is to do the trip in 7 days.
For both of us, it’s the first time trekking in the Andes. We both don’t speak any Spanish than “Hola chica!”…which surprisingly didn’t help that much :-)

more impressions

travel journal

elevation profile of the Chimborazo national park trek
elevation profile of the Chimborazo national park trek

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